Fire & Emergency Services

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Our approach with NFPA standards helps Fire Chiefs and Firefighters alike, keep up with the changes of today's world. PYROC helps turn that big ship by evaluating what you need, what you have and where you're going.  We specialize in the development of NFPA 1670 & 1006, but we don't and won't stop there. 


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ISO, ASTM, CCPSA, ITAR and IATF are just some of the key players in this world. Every direction you turn there is a rule to follow. whether it is the country you are in, or the country you are going to, We help navigate these rules to keep you on track with production. You build what you build, PYROC will help build you.

Technical Rescue & Rope Access

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The room for error is small in this world. Policies and training program are strong priorities in an industry where accidents absolutely do happen. When that emergency strikes, the only place to revert back your training.  You spend your time on rope and/or rescue,  PYROC will spend time giving you a platform to revert too.

Health & Safety

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As a third-party training provider, you take the risk to fill the gap that is absolutely needed in many industries. The business of safety starts with your training program.  Our business is to help make sure your training program is safe. PYROC helps you stay on track, reduce your risk and be in compliance.


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We give you the opportunity to build a strong foundation, from the very beginning. At PYROC, we take pride in helping you establish the process and infuse the rules for your industry. So that when you launch yourself into success, you're ready to stay there. 

General Service Providers

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Any industry or service, anywhere has its own unique rules and standards they have to comply with. PYROC is positioned to assist with elevating the consistency in which that service is delivered, improve safety and deliver focused time. 

Let us help, we will strive to impress you!